October Newsletter


We are very excited to tell you about our upcoming Competition at the Greenville Convention Center. I’m going to need a lot of help to make this one of the Best Competitions around. If you enjoyed the 100% event and the Here for Good event you’ll love this. Let’s put CF OSC On the map, Best Box in town! More info coming soon.


Train and Treat!!

OSC friends and family mark you calendars for our first ever Train and Treat, October 29th at 6pm! We will have a superhero WOD for the kids and a trunk or treat afterwards! There is a sign up sheet on the whiteboard for those who would like to decorate their trunks and hand out candy.

Have you ever had a comment, suggestion, or grievance you felt like you couldn't express or didn't know who to express it to? Now we have a way for you to do it anonymously!

On Wodify in the top right corner is a megaphone graphic. If you click that megaphone a comment box will drop down and you can enter your comment. There's also a box to check if you want your comment to be anonymous. 
We look forward to hearing what you have to say!
Improve your snatch with this video on the snatch balance.

Archangel Defense, LLC

Tactical Fitness Classes
Now Available Daily!

Archangel Defense, LLC has partnered with CrossFit OSC to offer a variety of classes for different athletic levels and performance needs. If you’re looking to improve your skills and take your fitness to the next level, you can find the support and resources you need right here. Additionally, I personally consult with every single client to understand each one’s unique goals. Because with Archangel Defense, LLC, we want you to Be Your Own Hero. 


Cost for a dual membership is $180/mo and includes all CrossFit classes including open gym, Tactical Fitness, Self-Defense Fitness, and Bootcamp classes. Members also receive a discount on monthly Firearms Training and Self-Defense Skills Series Courses. 


Tactical Fitness

Here is your High Intensity Training! If your goals involve crushing an obstacle course race, joining a Tactical Team, performing in a high stress environment, or you just want a hard challenge everyday.  This is your class! All the tire flipping, rope climbing, hill sprinting, weighted vest, exhausting workouts we can think of!


Self-Defense Fitness

Our foundational self-defense techniques paired with high-intensity conditioning and occasional sparring. Bring your friends and learn to effectively protect yourself while getting a great cardio workout!



To find membership rates and pricing for other Archangel Defense classes please see the link below.


Archangel Defense Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7a - Self-Defense Fitness

8a - Tactical Fitness

10a - Self-Defense Fitness

11a - Bootcamp


Tuesday and Thursday

7a - Self-Defense Fitness

8a - Tactical Fitness

10a - Self-Defense Fitness

6:30p - Self-Defense Fitness


Member of the Month


Nancy Vazquez - Member since 2020

Q: Why did you start CrossFit?

A: It was out of curiosity, I thought it would be difficult and some things are, but that is part of the charm, that every day you can do something better

Q: What's your favorite lift or skill?
A: I love when the workout has cleans and back squat

Q: What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
A:That practicing it makes feel better physically and emotionally, the people, their good vibes, and the whole environment.

Cannon Bixler- BSQ & Rannie
Carlos Orjuela- Rannie
Christian Thorndike- BSQ
Christine English- BSQ
Colleen Vaughn- Speed Demon
Corey Hunt- BSQ
Erin Mehagan- Speed Demon
Faith Ebert- Speed Demon
Grant Reid- SHP
Greg Peebles- BSQ
Heather Lohr-BSQ
Heather Teague- Rannie, BSQ, & Speed Demon
J.D. Ebert- Speed Demon

John Constantine- Rannie
Joseph Francis- BSQ
Kate Orara- Speed Demon
Laura Soto-BSQ
Maria Elmore- BSQ
Matt Carpenter- BSQ
Philip Hunt- BSQ
Stephanie Foster- BSQ
Stephanie Johnson- Speed Demon & Rannie
Stephen Scrobe- BSQ
Travis Vaughn- Speed Demon & HSN
Zach Foster- BSQ

New Members


Brenton Lewis
Justin Macmillan
Randy Watkins
Sanjay Singh
Sunita Singh

Important Dates


October 29th- Train and Treat

February 19th- Barbell Rodeo!! More info to come.


Genevieve Stump- 5th
John Constantine- 10th
Joe Kupec- 13th
Stephanie Chavis- 7th
Nancy Vazquez- 18th
Taryn Gibson- 18th
Heather Lohr- 24th